Oak Up-Rooted

Day One: Introduction

Where have they gone?

As the sun sets over the small town of Talloke, the day-to-day hustle and bustle seems to vanish into the twilight. This is not unusual to the local residents, however. Most shops here close by five, and there are only one or two restaurants that are open. Even those close around nine. The only exception to the rule is the local pub, the Acorn. It is open until two, or so the lawmen of the town like to think. Unbeknownst to them, however, it is the secret location of the local freehold. Located just to the east side of town, the rather cozy-looking brick building has a vast basement below its wooden floors. Some days, when the celebration of a new Court comes, the folks in the bar above seem to mirror those emotions below.

Wallace, a Changeling himself, is a Brewer. The poor wizened was taken in the early 20’s. He had been a rum-runner of sorts, but specialized in his own brew. Somehow, his brew had made it into the hands of the True Fae that took him, and one dark night, his entire convoy was captured. He returned, years later, to his small hometown, to find that not much had changed. Save, of course, for the removal of the ban on booze. He opened his own pub, desperate to get away from the horrible memories that hid on the edges of his mind.

After his pub had been established, the kings and queens of the courts approached him and asked if he would like the honor of housing entrances to the freehold’s own Hollow. He found he could not resist one way or the other. Quickly, doors and secret entrances appeared throughout his bar, though they were apparent to only the changelings that knew where they led, and could only be opened by those who knew how. It was indeed an honor for Wallace, and he was pleased that he got to know most of the Changeling’s business. However, it seems that as of late, he’s been regretting his ‘decision’ to keep entrances into the freehold. Wallace has become more edgy, spending most of his time studying every patron from behind his bar, cleaning a glass, ready to bolt.

It is a Friday night, and the bar is buzzing with both Changelings and Mortals alike. It’s been nearly three weeks since folk have been disappearing at an alarming rate. In fact, it’ll be tomorrow for that. Wallace seems edgier than ever, unprepared for how busy his pub is tonight. More than a few glasses have been broken tonight.


Does Wallace have resonance?

Day One: Introduction


Day One: Introduction

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