Emerald Repository

Across the street from Talloke library, a small, seemingly abandoned building can be seen, that once perhaps hosted a research lab or an occult store or something, as various trinkets and oddities are seen around it that seem to be leftovers from such a time. Any mortal individual instinctively wants to leave well enough alone and avoid the place, although Changelings (and other supernatural individuals) generally are unaffected but won’t go in unless invited by its inhabitant, Pathwalker James Martin.

Inside is divided into three small rooms. A main entrance area with an array of books, handwritten journals, samples of hedge fauna, and all manner of supernatural trinkets, notes, and subjects of study. The second room has a small bed, computer, more scrawled notes, and some basic lab equipment, the room being larger than the first overall but still not exactly a mansion’s room.

The third room is mostly empty, except for a small set of high speech runes on the ground in front of an archway. Most changelings and anyone else who’s seen it through a magical lens before can recognize that it’s a gateway into the hedge, that he somehow convinced the freehold to allow him to watch over. However, any changeling escaping from the hedge has right of passage through it, and he’s responsible for keeping it safe on both ends.

The hedge gate itself exits into a reflection of the place with more fae-like components- books that rewrite themselves, beakers that automatically boil and mix things put into them, and whatnot, and from there it exits out into the rest of the Hedge.

Special: To make it obvious this is a mage’s sanctum, conditional magic affects anyone supernatural directly INVITED into the place, granting them the equivalent of the Fate 1 spell “Sybil’s Sight’, allowing them to see resonance, scrutinize the supernatural, and see the flow sof fate like a mage would.

Emerald Repository

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