Crossover Rules

Since Nicole is such an amazing person, allowing a mage to be in her game, the following is a compilation of Crossover rules regarding Mages and Changelings/the Hedge. Will be expanded upon when I decide to actually open the books instead of going by memory. A couple of things are extrapolated from fluff, as in the book gives a vague description of an ability the writer obviously didn’t know mechanics of, so that’s clarified here.


  • Mages with “Sybil’s Sight (Fate 1)” can percieve Glamour, which comes across as an odd combination of Essence and Mana
  • With Fate 4, a Mage can store glamour with spells similar to the Spirit 4 “Medicine Bag” and “Sacramental Chain” spells, meaning with Prime 4 in conjunction they can harvest Glamour as Mana directly.
  • A Mage with access to Glamour can use it to power Fate and Time spells that need mana, at a rate of 2 Glamour for 1 Mana needed.


  • A mage can be in a pledge just as any mortal, and counts as mortal for most pledge types, although they’re “supernatural” with regards to Blessings, of course
  • The Fate 1 spell “Interconnections” can see Pledge connections between individuals if cast with at least 5 potency
  • The Prime 1 spell “Supernal Vision” will see red Oath Bands in pledged individuals that reach out and connect to the person the pledge is with if they’re also within sight
  • The Fate 3 spell “Alter Oath” can affect the components of a Pledge with the right wording; however, the effective potency to subtract or reach of the Pledge is equal to 2 + the highest component modifier. (So a spell with a Lifelong Duration (+3) or Greater Curse Sanction (-3), for instance, would be of a potency of 5, which would be subtracted form an instant casting or be the target potency for a ritual casting).
    • A mage targeting a pledge on himself with this will immediately be considered to be violating the pledge, whether they succeed or fail on the casting (but if they succeed and remove the sanction, this is of little issue)
  • The Fate 4 spell “Sever Oath” can remove a pledge, with the same concerns as above.
    • A mage using this on a pledge on themselves will be considered to have violated the pledge if they fail the casting.

The Mask and Changelings themselves

  • An Unensorcelled mage with an active ‘Mage Sight’ spell can pierce the mask by rollign the spell’s dice pool -3 vs the changeling’s Resolve + Wyrd
  • Changelings have no “visible” soul, so a mage cannot use soul stealing spells on them.
  • Fae of any sort don’t count as sleepers and don’t suffer Disbelief

The Hedge

  • In the hedge, any perception altering spell (including mage sight) has a dice pool capped by the mage’s Wisdom
  • A Fate 3 spell can be used to trick a Hedge gate with a key into opening as if the key was used. A mage with access to Glamour might be able to use this spell to open a gate without a key
  • Goblin Fruits affect mages as if they were changelings, unless the goblin fruit’s description specifically says it affects a mage a certain way.
  • A Life 1 spell (Like Analyze Life) can discern what effect a Goblin Fruit will have
  • A Life 3 spell can cause given vegetation to sprout goblin fruits; 1 per potency of the spell
  • A mage can teleport or create a portal into the Hedge with a -1 penalty for the outer hedge and -2 for the Inner Hedge (And a chance die off the path) if they have a sympathetic link. They CANNOT use magic to teleport out of the Hedge.

Changeling Abilities

  • A Mage can never counter a Changeling’s abilities like he could cast a counterspell for supernal magic. Direct defense and prepared counters are at ST discretion.
  • “Mental Shield” defends against any emotion/mind-affecting Changeling abilities as normal.
  • The contracts “Warlock’s Eye” or “Nothing Hidden” will let the Changeling view a mage’s Nimbus
  • Changelings can’t access a mage’s “True Name” unless they have both his full birth name AND his shadow name


  • A Mage can take the lucid dreaming merit just like any mortal
  • The Mind 3 spell “Sleep of the Just” effectively gives a Mage Lucid Dreaming as well as the ability to sculpt their own dreams.
  • Mages can raise or lower the Intensity of their dreams by up to their Gnosis.
  • A Mage in Astral form uses spells and ‘physical’ ways to do dream combat, whereas a mage using ‘Sleep of the Just’ or Lucid Dreaming uses normal dream combat rules, but with Gnosis replacing Wyrd for dice pools.

House Rules (Discussed with Colie)

  • A Mage’s Nimbus becomes visible in the hedge, and affects the surroundings as if with a Wyrd 2 less than the Mage’s Gnosis (minimum of 1), although a Fae’s presence always overrides this effect.
  • By utilizing a spell similar to ‘Squaring the Circle’ with Fate 2 added, a Mage can ACCEPT Hedge Duels (but not challenge them) and participate by utilizing abilities similar to a magical duel; i.e. they make attacks with their Gnosis + Chosen Sword Arcanum, and have a defense equal to their Chosen Shield Arcanum.

Crossover Rules

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