The Jester

The maddening laughter of this trickster is the last thing you'll ever hear as you fight your way through the Jester's Game.


This is a somewhat harmless Faerie. The Jester is an androgynous form, dressed as its namesake. Its masked face ever remains in its scary grin. Deep black holes are the eyes. Though you can not see them, you can feel their gaze.

This Faerie is a fan of creating situations for its victims to solve. They are kidnapped and thrown together into an enclosed area, with one riddle or clue to their quest. The victims, be they human or otherwise, must fight, claw, and struggle to survive. Sometimes they work successfully as a team… and sometimes, they don’t. Sometimes, it is a race against the clock. Sometimes, it is just an all out brawl, gladiator style. The Jester lives for amusement. Be prepared to give it some. If you survive, chances are you’ll be heavily rewarded. Or, perhaps you’ll just be recaptured and thrown in yet another complex chance game of survival.


The Jester

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