-Pathwalker- James Martin

A friendly, eccentric sort with a healthy look to him. Always fascinated by the wonders of the Fae, this mage is well known for being perhaps a little -too- curious


Personal Info
Character Type: Mage Virtue: Hope Vice: Envy
Path: Acanthus Order: Mysterium Age: 23
Gnosis: 3 Wisdom: 7 Willpower: 6

Intelligence: 3 Strength: 2 Presence: 2
Wits: 3 Dexterity: 2 Manipulation: 2
Resolve: 3 Stamina: 3 Composure: 3

Academics: 2 Athletics: 1 Animal Ken: 1
Computer: 0 Brawl: 1 Empathy: 1
Crafts: 1 Drive: 0 Expression: 0
Investigation: 2 Firearms: 0 Intimidation: 1
Medicine: 2 Larceny: 1 Persuasion: 1
Occult: 3 Stealth: 2 Socialize: 0
Politics: 0 Survival: 2 Streetwise: 1
Science: 1 Weaponry: 1 Subterfuge: 1

Specialties: Survival (Hedge) Occult (Fae) Streetwise (Changelings in Talloke)
Rote Specialties: Investigation Occult Survival

Status: Mysterium 1, Summer Goodwill 1
Sanctum (Size) 1
Sanctum (Security) 2
Sanctum (Materials) 1
High Speech
Hallow: 1; Near the hedge gate in his sanctum

Ruling: Fate 3, Time 1
Common: Life 2, Prime 1

Spell Arcanum Crossover Note
The Evil Eye Fate 2
Alter Oath Fate 3 Can alter pledges; Potency is highest pledge modifier + 3
Analyze Life Life 1 Can be used to figure out a goblin fruit’s effect
Self Healing Life 2

Other Uncommon Spells
Name Arcana Effect
Hedge Key Fate 3 Opens a detected hedge gate that has a key
Shield of Thorns Fate 3, Life 2 Mage using it loses mana or health from thorns instead of soul loss

Tasks Favors Sanctions Durations
Endeavor, Medial: Help write books and papers to fill Cedric’s Library (-2) Blessing, Medial: Library 2 (Fae, Talloke) (+2) Poisoning of Boons, Blessing (-2), Curse, Minor (-1) Ten years and ten days (-3)
Alliance, Medial (Summer Court) (-2), Ensorcellment (-2), Forbiddance, Medial (Don’t Reveal Changeling Secrets) (-2) Ensorcellment (+2), Blessing, Medial (Danger Sense) (+2), Glamour (+2) Curse, Greater (-3) Lifetime (+3)


It’s rare for a mage to find their way into Talloke, but once in a while, a situation unfolds that leads up to it


One thing that lets a few changelings feel some comradery with pathwalker is how he epxlains his Awakening. He was in his home town of Spring Haven, fairly young (about 18), when a man suddenly grabbed him, taping his mouth shut and tying his arms behind him, intending to kidnap him and have his family pay ransom. Something about it triggered his Awakening though, and the visage of what any changeling hearing the story claims would be a Gentry became visible over the man. After being dragged back through the Arcadian wilderness, he was left inside a tower. Somethign compelled him to sign his name across it, and he Awoke, the place fading and showing what was actually a locked basement. Of course, with the aid of Awakened magic, escaping wasn’t very difficult


Spring Haven’s Consilum was well structured, but also very stagnant, no influence being expanded, no pushes against Seers or other enemies, and no new discoveries. Pathwalker fixed that fairly quickly, being the first to discover a hedge gate right inside the Consilum headquarters itself. A manipulation of fate magic allowed him to open it and over the course of several weeks, he and a couple other mages began exploring the area of the hedge around the city.


It’s not difficult to enter the hedge at one point and find yourself many miles away by mundane measurement. Especially for Pathwalker, who spent a large amount of time within the Hedge, despite its dangers. In fact, he wouldn’t have left if not for the fact that he saw another mostly humanoid individual walking about. Now, mages in Sprign haven kne wof Vampires, Werewolves, and Sin-Eaters, but the Fae never made their presence in that area. As such, the arrogant mages, pathwalker included, had assumed they were the first supernaturals to traverse the hedge.

He followed the man through a gate into Talloke, that he noticed the individual created himself (he wa sused to having to find existing ones to tinker with), and via what he thought was decent stealth, trailed him back to a great library. Of odd note was that he looked more human in the mundane world than he did inside the hedge.

Of course, the man, Cedric Thorne, hadn’t been fooled at all. In fact, he explained to pathwalker that he’d notice the troupe of mages wandering in various areas within the hedge, seeing some of their abilities and their tendency to try studying the realm, and had decided to lure one in to make a deal. He’d let one mage into the secret portion of his library, in exchange for the mage helping to fill it with anything he’s written and discovered. Pathwalker quickly agreed and the pledge was formed.

Current Status

He’s been in the area for a while now, and has made a good impression with the Summer Court, of all of them, oddly enough (They of course see great potential in what Awakened Magic can offer in a fight). While views of him in the other Courts differ, most don’t treat him as one of their own, past one or two good friends, and he’s often viewed with suspicion or merely tolerance without desire to learn more of him.

By attaining special permissino from the autumn court, his sanctum has been built around an active hedge gate with an unknown key; perfect for a mage of his level, as his magic can open such a gate. However, he must offer sanctuary to any Changeling escaping from th eother side through that gate, and is responsible for anything getting through that shouldn’t have.


Pathwalker’s Nimbus causes subtle random fluctuations of plants and minor life around himself, making them seem to have an organized chaos to them. When using a more vulgar spell, it manifests as a feeling of inevitability along with a slight slowing down of time around him.

-Pathwalker- James Martin

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