This shifty man doesn't remember much about his past... only what he needs to know to get to you.


Loki is a servant for the Fae. He remembers barely anything about his past. One name has stuck with him throughout his entire servitude in Arcadia: Loki. It’s been so long now, he can’t remember if it’s even his real name, or something he just started calling himself. Either way, it doesn’t quite matter to him anymore. At one point in his life, he cared about getting out, getting back. He’d even tried to escape once. But his Master made it clear; collect 10,000 souls and gain your freedom back. At first, it was very hard. The Master did not strip away his layers of flesh, creating him into what he is today. No, that was Loki’s job. His past has been a hard one. No one knows if the life he leads now is his own choice or not… not even Loki.


The wind pushed its way through the trees, that clear October night. It carried on it the coming of Winter. Somewhere, the solemn laughter of a few chimes was stirred up. However, they were quickly hushed in the heavy feeling in the air. Perhaps it was just the certain time of the year; after all, there was a superstitious backing to Halloween. And with that day approaching, a mysterious feeling hung on the breeze, making everyone a little nervous to go down that dark alleyway, or making them glance behind them (just in case).

It was late. Kelly knew this. She brushed her sandy brown hair from her face. She was at a crossroads. Her cat back home would be expecting her. See, Kelly didn’t often stray from routine. She’d worked the same hours at the same store for the past three years. She was 28. The young woman didn’t know when she slipped into such a scheduled life. It had just happened. But tonight, she’d gone on a date. This man was everything she’d dreamed of. He was smart, funny, kind, and not to mention there was not one part of him physically that she didn’t adore. He’d been hired in just a month ago. She’d trained him. She still remembered the day that they met. She’d barely been able to stammer out his name… “P-pleased to meet you, E-Eric.” Kelly had invited him to lunch with her, and they’d eaten it together every day since. Yesterday, he asked her if she’d like to go out to dinner with him. Happily, she agreed.

Looking back now, she wished that she had taken his offer for a ride home. Under the streetlight on the corner, she looked at her two options. The first was her normal walk, which was well-lit but took 20 minutes longer to reach her house. The second was down some back roads that had a few houses along them, but none really lit up the streets. It only took fifteen minutes to get home on this route.

Oh, why not. It’s much faster, anyways,” she commented out loud. With that, the young woman turned her boots towards the darker path.

The first ten minutes passed uneventfully. She hadn’t even seen a car. This wasn’t unusual; it was a little past ten at night. She her hands in the pockets of her jacket as she walked. The only thing she heard was her boots on the ground and the odd made-up song she was humming. Then, up ahead, she saw headlights. Kelly kept her eyes ahead. This wasn’t a scary street by any means, but a chill ran up her spine when she saw the two glowing dots like two eyes, watching her. They approached, and passed her. She shrugged it off. How silly it was of—-wait. They were turning around. They weren’t just parking in the driveway behind her. The car was turning around.

Her pace quickened. She was just five minutes from home. But out here… who would hear her scream? The car slowed next to her. She kept her eyes ahead.


Her heart almost melted when she heard that voice. How could she think that anything bad was going to happen to her? She stopped short, turning and grinning. “Eric!” She laughed now, the adrenaline draining quickly from her body. “You scared me.

Did I? I’m terribly sorry. What are you doing out here? Don’t tell me you live on this street too.

Oh, no, I live about a five minutes walk from here. It was just late, and my poor kitty has got to be starving…

That’s exactly why I asked you out. You’re so kind. Hop in? A young lady shouldn’t be walking alone on a cold night like tonight. Who knows what’s in those woods…” Again, a chill ran up her spine, but that often happened around Eric. He leaned across and opened the door for her. Kelly climbed in quickly.

Thanks so much… It really is very spooky out there.” She heard him lock the doors, and she watched him as they drove. Immediately, they were immersed in conversation.

Kelly didn’t even notice that more than 10 minutes had passed.

W-wait… Eric? Where are we? I didn’t tell you how to get to my house… I don’t even think we turned off that road.” She chuckled as his hearty laugh filled the car.

You’re right! I’m sorry. I just kept driving, waiting for you to tell me, and then got wrapped up in our most interesting discussion of Halloween past. We’re actually almost to my house…” His voice trailed off. He looked at her sideways, then back at the road. Kelly shifted nervously. She wasn’t sure if she were prepared to go to his home already.

Well, just turn around, I’ll show you…

He kept driving. Kelly’s heart began to race. “Okay, ha-ha. Turn around Eric, my cat’s waiting up.” It was a silly thing to say, but it was all she could think of. Her fingers found the door handle.

I’m afraid I can’t do that, Kelly.

WHY NOT?!” Her scream was loud; very loud in the car. But no one outside could hear. They were on a dirt road now, anyways, and the homes were few and far between. She fought to release her belt buckle. “Very very funny, Eric. But please, I’m being serious. Let. Me. Out.

Eric sighed. He looked at her with those clear, bright blue eyes she had thought she loved. “Kelly… He wants you. The Master wants you. I’m very sorry to have to do this, but I have no choice. It’s a shame, too. I had grown a little attached to you. You remind me of someone…” The road ran out into a trail. Kelly couldn’t get her seatbelt to release. Hot tears streamed down her face. The freckles that decorated her face matched her hair, but stood out now against her cheeks, drained of color. She whimpered softly, waiting for her chance. Finally, the car stopped. Eric heaved a labored sigh. If she didn’t know better, he even sounded remorseful in the sigh.

Here we are. I’m going to let you go now… The Master is out there. I told him I didn’t want to bring you to Him myself. He said this time, it didn’t matter. Just… don’t forget who you are, Kelly. Don’t forget. Remember your name, remember your cat…

My cat…” Her voice was nearly lost to her through the tears and anxiety.

I’ll make sure he finds a good home.” Under his breath, Kelly thought she heard him say something about wishing he knew who she reminded him of…

When he unlocked the doors, Kelly found that her safety belt would let her escape now. She didn’t care about whoever this Master was. She didn’t care about Eric. She just cared about getting out of there, out of that car. Her boots pounded against the dirt, running back from whence they came. She had no idea where they were; she’d never been this far into the woods before. A sob rose from her chest, and caused her to stumble slightly, but she kept running. Running, running, running until…

Something grabbed her arm. She looked. It was just a branch. She kept going, and something tripped her. A root. Had she left the path? No, she could still see it. How come it wasn’t this bumpy before? As she tried to get up, something hit her hard on the back. Kelly collapsed to the ground, the air rushing out of her lungs. She coughed frantically, trying to regain her breath. She tried again. Again, she was forced to the ground. Sobbing, she tried crawling. Then, something held her down. A deep, sinister voice like none she had heard before chuckled and leaned down. It hissed in her ear. She screamed, and as the dark thing dragged her away from the world she knew, she thought she saw Eric, watching her in the moonlight. His features seemed to glimmer, though, and through her tears, he became completely indistinguishable from any other male she’d met.


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