Her toothy grin amongst the maze of the Hedge haunts many... and leaves them madder than mad.


About two miles from town, there is an old, abandoned insane asylum. Traditionally, the town was full of folk who went crazy. Among those sent to the hospital, little Alice Chesire was among the most famous. She was the first child admitted at age 8. The whole town believed that she was insane, however. She spoke constantly of Faeries who came and took her into magickal lands full of fantastic creatures. Normally, this would not worry the people of Talloke. However, her demeanor began to change as the stories became more and more grim. Her smile went from a sweet, innocent child’s to a long, thin Cheshire grin. Her teeth glinted sharply between thin lips, and her eyes got a crazed look to them. Her skintone transformed to an ashen gray, and her white-blonde hair began to stick out in every direction. Slowly, tattoos of black stars were added to her body. The most curious was from the night she was admitted. Upon her back was a great white crescent moon, turned so its points faced up. That night, she danced beneath the moon, cackling madly about how the people of Talloke were doomed.

The next morning, the town held a meeting to take the child away. At first, she was a normal patient. But slowly, the nurses who took care of her would develop their own derangements. They never lasted more than a month, after which the nurse would be completely fine and never show signs of lunacy again. At first, the workers avoided interaction with the child. She was mean, they said, and played tricks on those who entered her room. Some said they saw dark, thorny vines growing from the shadows. Eventually, her room was forgotten. When the hospital closed, no one bothered to check and see if her room, 23, was empty or not. Little Chessy grew up alone, trapped inside the room.

Now, the room is a vast Hollow constructed with the power of moonlight and magic. It is an intricate hedgemaze, that only Chessy knows how to navigate. It is full of Goblin fruit… some known and some that she has cultured herself. Some are innocent in manner, and others have a more gruesome task. It is, however, one of the safest Hollows in Taloke, as Chesire controls who is and is not allowed to enter completely.



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