Oak Up-Rooted

An unfriendly reaction

Mage-induced reactions

“Changelings were so very finnicky”, Pathwalker thought to himself as he walked into the Freehold.

He was looking for Cedric, several handwritten journals in his hand he planned to give to the changeling as his ‘rent’ for the season, explaining his most recent findings on how Fate magic can interact with the Wyrd, and what connotations that might have on the origins of Supernal and Fae Arcadia, and the possibility of if they’re the same thing. The Librarian always did love his theories on such things.

Still, he hadn’t found him in the library, which meant he had to try checking the Freehold. And of course, that meant having to deal with the, er, varied responses to his presence. The Summer courtiers eyed him carefully but gav ehim a respectful nod when he looked to them. Spring Courtiers, mainly the females, liked toying with him and distracting him from his tasks if they could, enjoying toying with a mage’s supposedly disciplined mind. The Autumn courtiers studied him as if a rival they needed to outdo, and Winter…well…

It wasn’t the first time one had bumped into him violently, not liking having a pesky willworker in their precious hideyhole, but this time the man had purposely shoved Pathwalker to the ground, meriting a frown.

“Pardon, friend, but do you have a problem with my presence here?”, Pathwalker asked in a friendly tone.

The Winter Courtier…an ogre he presumed, based on the covering of white fur and the build that made him look like a yeti, grabbed him from the ground, lifting him upwards.

“Get out. Can’t you tell that nobody wnats your prying eyes here, merlin?”, the gruff voice sounds, as he then spits on the mage and throws him backwards, walking off in a huff.

Brushing himself off, Pathwalker sighs heavily, whiping the saliva from his face and picking his books back up. He eyed him carefully and raised his hand as if about to perform a rote mudra…but stopped himself. Not worth it…so he turned around and continued looking for the Changeling Librarian that was a fair bit more welcoming of his presence.


Nice job! Perhaps I’ll have to incorporate mr. yeti into future encounters. [:

An unfriendly reaction

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