Welcome to Talloke.

The turning of the seasons has often represented change for all living things, no matter what path in life they may be taking. Winter to Spring means rebirth and warmer weather. From Fall to Winter often means something much darker, and the cold hints of death are much more obvious than before.

For the Changelings in the small town of Talloke, life is no different. However, on the cold winter winds that are beginning to find their way into the mid-november days, Changelings here are finding that something much more sinister seems to be on its way. Deep in the freehold’s chambers, housed in a rather musty, small library in the center of town, folk whisper about the goings-on. They sit, hunched over their warm hard cider, discussing the latest disappearances of changelings. Distrust is being reflected in more than one eye, and tension is high. At first, no one took notice of one or two members of the freehold suddenly moving away. Most didn’t want to look into it, and simply made the presumption that something better had come their way, and those folk had decided to take it.

But in the past two weeks alone, the number of disappearing changelings has rapidly increased. Their numbers are to three a day, and the already tiny freehold’s ranks are dwindling. The Autumn King is outraged. Winter seems like it will come early this year; Fear nips at the heels of anyone who claims to be among the Changelings. The Winter Queen smiles, waiting for the Autumn King to give up his crown so that she can guide the Oak’s Root Freehold to take the proper procedures to staying safe from whatever it is that is out there.

Still, some say that their friend the Seer has prophesied that the Tall Oak is about to be Up-Rooted.

Oak Up-Rooted

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